Cover designed by me, Anthony Azekwoh.

In 2019, I won the Loose Conversations short story competition for $1,000. It was, maybe, one of my most ambitious projects ever. The competition guidelines were this:

5 short stories.

The 5 stories each had to be of different themes: History, Heritage, Pride, Body Enhancement, and Prejudice.

And oh, with a word limit of only 600 words each.

600 words for one story, to me, didn’t sound like a lot, and so, I decided to make it into a series. And, praise be to the gods, it worked. And I loved them all.

Here is the collection of my winning stories.

“The Sphere”.

01- The Sphere of the Ancients [History].

02- The Standoff [Heritage].

03- The Parade [Pride].

04- The Shift [Body Enhancement].

05- The Death of the World [Prejudice].

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