Anthony Azekwoh

Star: A Confusing Epilogue

Coal was in the church that night as the rain outside threatened to blow the whole world down and he held the stone in his hand, feeling it ebb.

He knew the words to the spell; he had studied them for years waiting for this moment and now he had it. The Guardian could only be summoned using a stone from hell itself, and those were hard to find. But he had found one after so many years of searching and he would finally have his answers once and for all. The Guardian had been dead for decades now, but only a few knew the history of the mysterious ghost who guarded the church.

Coal was one of the few.

Wind blew from inside the church now as the building was filled with deadly red light. And then, the rumbling stopped. Coal furrowed his eyebrows. Had Doreen sold him a fake?

Maybe —

He heard footsteps behind him and his daggers were out before he even knew he had drawn them.

“You summoned me,” the man in the suit said. He was bald and looked bored at the whole affair.

“I did,” Coal said, his voice silent.

“One thing,” the man said peering at Coal. “Who are you?”

Coal didn’t answer, he just raised his shirt, showing the scar he had gotten when he was young and fell off his bicycle and his father had helped him clean the wound, holding his hand as he cried.

“Kolawole,” Karóunwi breathed.

“It doesn’t matter,” Coal said, pulling his shirt down. “I just want to know one thing. I have just one question to ask you.”

Karóunwi was bewildered but he was also curious. “What question?” He asked. “What could bring you all this way, to summon me?

“My father,” Coal said, gripping the orb, “who is my real father?”

“Oh,” Karóunwi said.

“About that…”

Anthony Azekwoh is a Nigerian-based author and artist. He has written five books so far, and is now working on the sequel to his fourth book Ṣàngó, Oya.