Anthony Azekwoh
My self-portrait

I was walking on the street when the panic attack came, and the sky cried red. The buildings collapsed all around me and every breath was like pushing mountains. My fear, doubt and shame had kept a blindfold over me for years, and with them gone, I woke up to…

Months ago, a friend asked me if I had ever loved someone. Romantically.

“Yes,” I answered.

And then, I thought about what it felt like.

Love is trying, I think. It’s being nervous as hell to paint her on her birthday because you’re scared you’ll get it wrong and she’ll…

Coal was in the church that night as the rain outside threatened to blow the whole world down and he held the stone in his hand, feeling it ebb.

He knew the words to the spell; he had studied them for years waiting for this moment and now he had…

Anthony Azekwoh

Anthony Azekwoh is a Nigerian-based author and artist. He has written five books so far, and is now working on the sequel to his fourth book Ṣàngó, Oya.

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